George Washington Mint
A legacy in fine art and coins
Founding Father's Legacy

George Washington Mint, a division of George Washington Inn, LLC, was born out of a desire to promote our founding father's vision and ideals in a tangible way, inspiring Americans by the sacrifice and principles upon which our great nation was established.

Our first president, George Washington, led a valiant struggle in the midst of overwhelming odds to provide the liberty and opportunity that we enjoy today. George Washington Mint seeks to capture moments in time that embody this struggle and sacrifice.

Prayer at Valley Forge by Arnold Friberg

Outstanding artists, who have captured these enduring memories, have been carefully selected. No doubt, the most recognized historical figure on currency today is George Washington. These valuable works and coins are made available to you for purchase here at George Washington Mint, home of a beautiful Port Angeles Bed and Breakfast.

Thanks for your part in making this legacy a lasting memorial in your home or office where you and future generations can be reminded of his sacrifice and the epic struggle that took place in the formation of our nation.